Change the Display Name of an Outlook Data File in MS Outlook 2010

The Name that you specified for a newly created data file appears on the Navigation Pane of the Outlook Application. In the earlier Versions, prior to the Outlook 2010 version, the newly created data file would by default have a display name as ‘Personal Folders’. This can cause more confusion if you are using three to four data files that were created in the earlier versions of the Outlook. So, in order to avoid confusion, it is recommended that you specify a unique display name to each Outlook Data File that is present in your Outlook Application. To change the display name of an Outlook data file, do the following.

1) Click on the ‘File’ tab.

Figure 1

2) Then click on the ‘Account Settings’ icon’s drop down arrow to select ‘Account Settings’ option from the drop down list.

Figure 2

3) Now in the “Account Settings” window, click on the ‘Data files’ tab.

Figure 3

4) Under the ‘Data Files’ tab, select the Data file for which you want to change the Display name and then click on the ‘Settings’ button.

Figure 4

5) Now in the new window, click on the ‘Name’ box and enter a new display name for the Outlook Data File.

Figure 5

NOTE: - when you change the name of an Outlook Data file, only the display name that will be shown up in the Navigation pane gets changed and the file will not be renamed as such.

See also How to Create an Outlook Data File in MS Outlook 2010 Application.

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