Manage and edit Color Categories in Microsoft Outlook 2010

In the previous post we told you how to assign a Color Category to a particular mail conversation in the Outlook application. In this post we will give you a tutorial on how to mange and edit Color categories in Outlook 2010 application. Here, we will guide you on how to create a new color category, Rename a Color category, and delete a color category and how to assign a keyboard shortcut to use various color categories.

Create a New Color category

You can create your own color category and apply it to a mail conversation. To achieve this, do the following

1) On the “Home” tab, in the ‘Tags’ category, click on the ‘Categories’ icon and choose ‘All categories’ option.

Figure 1

2) Now in the “Color Categories” window thus opened, click on the ‘New’ tab.

Figure 2

3) Now in the ‘Add New Category’ dialogue box thus opened, type a name to identify the new category and then choose a Color from the ‘Color’ box and then click on “OK”.

Figure 3

4) The new category that you created will be appended to the already present list of color categories.

Figure 4

Rename a Color Category

1) If you want to rename a Color category, click on the ‘Rename’ tab in the “Color Categories” window.

Figure 5

2) Now rename that particular category in the name box of the color category itself.

Figure 6

Delete a Color category

1) In the “Color Categories” window, select the color category that you want to remove and then click on the ‘Delete’ tab.

Figure 7

Assign a Shortcut key to a Color Category

1) In the “Color Categories” window, click on a particular category to which you want to apply a shortcut key and then click on the dropdown arrow of the ‘Shortcut Key’ box and choose a shortcut key from the drop down list that appears.

Figure 8

2) Repeat the same step mentioned above to assign shortcut keys to other Color categories.

So, this is all about the color categories in Microsoft Outlook 2010 Application.

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