Controlling SmartArt Shapes from the Text Pane in Excel 2007:-

The text pane represents a fantastic improvement over business diagrams in Excel 2003. By using only the keyboard, you can add or delete shapes and promote or demote items. Further, the text pane includes proofing tools, such as spell check. Using the text pane is similar to creating bullet points in a PowerPoint slide.

Figure (given below) shows a newly inserted pyramid SmartArt in Excel. By default, most new SmartArt diagrams have three shapes, but you can change that number by using the text pane.

(A default SmartArt includes three shapes. You can edit the number of shapes by using the text pane.)

The following rules apply to the text pane for SmartArt:

1. You press the Up Arrow and Down Arrow keys to move from one line to another.

2. You press the Enter key to insert a new line below the current line. The new line will be at the same level as the current line. Adding a new Level 1 line inserts a new shape in the SmartArt.

3. You press the Tab key to demote Level 1 text to Level 2 text.

4. You press Shift+Tab to promote Level 2 text to Level 1 text.

5. You press the Backspace key on an empty line to delete the line.

6. You press Delete at the end of any line to combine text from the next line with this line.

7. You press End to move to the end of the current line.

8. You press Home to move to the beginning of the current line.

As you add shapes, Excel continues to attempt to squeeze them into the default size. You can resize an entire piece of SmartArt by using the resizing handles around the SmartArt. As an example of how the text pane works, you can use the following steps to customize the inverted pyramid graphic shown in the above Figure into the one shown in the Figure (given below). This example illustrates how quickly and simply you can change from the default SmartArt with three shapes to any number of shapes:

1. Type Shape 1 and then press Enter.

2. Type Subtext and then press Tab to demote the item. Then press the Down Arrow key to move to text 2.

3. Type Shape 2 and then press Enter.

4. Type Point 1 and then press Tab and Enter.

5. Type Point 2 and then the Down Arrow key.

6. Type Shape 3 and then press Enter.

7. Type Point 3 and then press Tab and Enter.

8. Excel wants the next item to be Level 2 text, so press Shift+Tab to promote this item.

9. Type Shape 4 and then press Enter, type Shape 5 and then press Enter, type Shape 6 and then press Enter, and type Shape 7 and then press Enter.

10. Type Point 4 and then press Tab, Enter, and Shift+Tab, and then type 8.

11. Using the mouse, resize the SmartArt so it is larger.

12. From the SmartArt Styles gallery on the Design ribbon, choose a color scheme.

The result is shown in the Figure (given below). As this example shows, by using only the keyboard and the text pane, you can quickly expand SmartArt and add Level 2 subpoints.

(You can add additional shapes and subpoints simply by using the text pane.)