Steps to follow while sharing a file and printer in local area network

The flexibility to share the resource and data is provided by computer networking and others computer in the network. The user can share the printer, share files and folder, CD-ROM, access the internet, and communicate with friends and colleagues, playing games. In this tutor you are going to learn about sharing of files and printer and in LAN network.

The following tips have to be followed to share a printer with users in computer network:

• The user has to make sure that computer is turned on and the printer has to be attached properly with computer.
• The latest driver CD has to be installed and the driver of printer should also be installed.
• The printer icon’s which is newly installed can be seen in printer in control panel.
• Sharing has to be selected by right clicking the printer name.
• “Share the printer” radio button has to be selected and shared name should be provided for the printer and option ok has to be clicked.
• Right click has to be done on “printer and faxes” in control panel and “set default printer” option has to be clicked.
• Now the computer is shared and unauthorized users can access it.
• In other computer following steps has to be followed go to start>Run and type computer name or IP address of shared printer and printer server like \\printserver\hpoffice or \\
• The computer will be connected to print server and now the user can send his print requests.
• The other option is that the user can go to control panel>select printer and faxes>on the left side click “Add a Printer” and click next.
• Select the option “A network printer” in the next page and attach other computer and click the option next.
• Select the option “Connect to printer” on next page or select the option Browse for printer.
• Next step is to make it default printer in next page and option next has to be clicked.
• Now as all the steps are over we can connect printer which is attached with other computer.

Files sharing:

File sharing and sharing of folders is quite simple in windows based PC and user must just right click on any folder or file that user want to share with others>click properties and click sharing.
In next step on Windows XP professional select “share the folder on network” on sharing tab and now the user can share the folder which you have shared, the permission and rights can be set and read, write and modify permission can be granted for the user.