Make Excel Return an Absolute value of a number by using a function

Letís say that, you have a Negative number present in your worksheet and you intend to convert it into a positive number, then you can use the ABS Function to achieve the above said task. The ABS Function returns the Absolute value of a number. The Absolute Value of a number is nothing but the same number without the sign. In this article, we will describe to you the Syntax of the ABS Function and its usage in the Excel Application.


The Syntax of the ABS Functions is as follows.

=ABS (number)

Where, Ďnumberí is the only argument to the function and it is the number of which you want the absolute value to be returned by the ABS Function.


Consider an example worksheet which has a number -5 in cell B2. Here, we will find the Absolute value of the number present in cell B2 and return the answer in cell B3.

In order to achieve this, type the Formula =ABS(B2) in cell B3 and Press Enter. Now the absolute value of the number present in cell B2 (-5) will be returned in cell B3 which will be the number Ď5í.

Figure 1

Figure 2

You can also use the ABS Function directly without referring to any cell and convert a negative number to its positive variant. For example, if you want the Absolute value of a number say Ď-8í, then you can type the formula =ABS(-8) and press Enter.

Figure 3

So, this is how you can obtain an Absolute value of a Particular number in the Excel Application.

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