Steps for the improvement of quality in printing

This tutorial deals with improvement of printing quality and all most all the printers provide method for the users to improve the printing quality.

The following steps has to be followed to improve quality printing

• Go to start option in menu
• Click Control panel.

• Click the option “Printers and faxes” or “Printers and other Hardware” in the control panel.

• In the printer menu printer preferences has to be clicked.
• Based on printer preference best print option or high quality has to be selected.

The quality of printing can be improved in the windows based operating systems in steps which is mentioned above

Spool File Dealing

Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 main server can adjust spool file setting for improvement of printer quality. The spool file is a temporary file which holds the document while they are printed.

The spool file will be created when you send a request from an application like Win World and after that spool file has been created and this application gets control and the document will be sent from spool file to printer. The spool file will be moved to a empty disk drive or faster hard drive and printing speed can be improved.

• The folder should be created on particular drive and it should be given a particular name.
• Go to control panel
* select printer and faxes.
• “Server Properties Command” has to be selected in the file menu.
• Advance tab has to be selected in “Print Server Dialog box”.
• In the spool folder text box new folder path has to be typed which you have created in first step.
• Click yes on the confirmation box and close faxes and printer.
• Active printer’s icon has to be selected>right click>properties>Advance tab>Spool settings has to be find.

There are two sub settings in spool settings dialog box which will control the printing operation and speed of printer and quality can be done by spool file settings.

Important tips:

• Quality paper should be used.
• The printer should be clean from debris and dust.
• The printing quality resolution should be set to high and sufficient ink should be present in cartridges.
• When cartridges are changed the roller and corona wire has to be cleaned.
• To evacuate heat adequate ventilation should be given to laser printers.
• To extract good performance manufacture’s manual has to be read.
• The quality has to be checked with the test paper and if the quality is good more printout can be taken from printer.