Steps to be followed for the back up of Locked files in Windows 7

In this tutorial we deal with the process which has to be followed to get the backup files in the locked version of Windows 7. In this process user can access the file to process the locked portion of the particular file.

In this the windows is supported by the technology which is known as Volume shadow copy and it will also support the previous versions in vista in backups and system Restore.
The user can modify or access the file and application can be read from the snapshot and user can use command line utility which is also called HoboCopy which helps in copying the file.



Some of the services in windows are utilised by the backup files and user has to verify the disabled services

Microsoft Software shadow Copy Provider
Volume shadow Copy

The user can start it as manual start-up such that they need not run it all time and this service will automatically requires when it is needed and volume shadow copy will be turned off after it is done.

Backup of file using Hobocopy

The application HoboCopy is used for the Backup of file and for the whole folder and user can single file by passing an argument till end.

Hobocopy c:\directory name\ d:\backup directory\

Hobocopy usage for Entire Directory

Some of the other task will be useful for the entire folder and for the safekeeping external hard drive will be useful and user has to add some of command-line arguments.

/full all the files will be copied
/skipdenied denied messages can be ignore just because of permission errors
/r it can be copied recursively
/y every data in file is copied


hobocopy /full /skipdenied /y /r c:\directoryname\ d:\backupdirectory\

Increment of backup drive using Hobocopy

Backing of files incrementally is also supported by Hobocopy and files from the last backup can copy the files and works except hobocopies and utilities such as rsync will store the data in file which is required to specify the file in command line.

/Statefile=filename last backup information will specifies the flag
/incremental files will be copied which is changed from last copy.


hobocopy /incremental /statefile=filename /y /r c:\directoryname\ d:\backupdirectory\