How to Delete Bookmarks in Firefox

The following tutorial will guide you on how to Delete Bookmarks in the Firefox 4.0 Beta 7 web Browser.

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To delete a Bookmark, do the following

1) Open the page from your Bookmarks list that you wish to delete. To do so, on the Menu bar, click on the View tab and point your mouse over Sidebar and then click on Bookmarks. This will open up the Bookmarks list in the sidebar.

Figure 1

2) In this Sidebar, open the page that you want to delete by clicking on that particular page’s bookmark.

Figure 2

3) Now, click on the Book icon on the Address bar. This will open the edit This Bookmark dialogue box on your screens.

Figure 3

4) In Edit This Bookmark dialogue box, click on Remove Bookmark button to remove the bookmark.

Figure 4

To delete more than one Bookmark or a Bookmark folder, do the following

1) On the Menu bar, click on Bookmarks tab and then select Show all Bookmarks from the drop down list. This will open up the Library window on your screens.

Figure 5

2) In the Library window, on the left pane, click on the folder from which you want to delete the bookmarks. This will open up a list of bookmarks contained in that folder in the right pane.

Figure 6

3) Now, in the right pane, select the bookmarks that you want to delete (to select multiple bookmarks, hold down the CTRL key while you click on multiple bookmarks) and click on the Organize tab and then click on Delete from the drop down list.

Figure 7

4) This will delete all the selected bookmarks from the Firefox browser

So, this is how you can delete Bookmarks in the Firefox browser.

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