Firefox starts always in Safe mode

The following tutorial will describe why the Firefox application always starts in the Safe mode when you expected it to start normally.

The following three problems might be the reason for Firefox to always start in Safe mode

You might have not closed the Firefox application completely

Once you have started the Firefox application in Safe mode, it will remain in that mode until you have completely closed the application. So, ensure that the Firefox application is closed completely closed. The best way to make sure that Firefox is completely closed is to restart your computer and then reopen the Firefox application.

The shortcut icon of the Firefox may be updated to open in Safe mode

Make sure that the shortcut icon that you use to start the Firefox application is not updated to open in the Safe mode. To ensure this, do the following

a) Right click on the shortcut icon of Firefox and select Properties from the drop down menu.

b) Now, in the Mozilla Properties window thus opened, select the Shortcut tab.

c) Under the Shortcut tab, in the Target box, ensure that –safe-mode is not present at the end of the target path. The Target path should be "E:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 4\firefox.exe".

The shortcut for Safe Mode Firefox might be present on the Windows Start Menu

When you click on the Start button of windows, it will display a list of programs that you have recently used. Firefox application could be one of them and it could be the shortcut for Firefox to open in the Safe mode. So, in order to avoid this, start the Firefox application from a different shortcut, for example, try to open the application from the All programs list.

So, this are the ways in which you can make the Firefox application to start always in normal mode

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