Firefox is not prompting to save windows and tabs on exit

If your Firefox browser has stopped prompting you with the message “do you want Firefox to save your tabs for the next time it starts” on exit, then the problem might be due to the Firefox settings, corrupted files in the profile causing the failure of Firefox components or Extensions.

Problem with the Firefox settings

The prompt does not appear if you have configured the Firefox tabs panel settings incorrectly. To configure the correct settings, do the following.

On Menu bar, click on Tools tab and then from the drop down list, click on Options.

Figure 1

2) In the Options window thus opened, click on Tabs panel and under the Panel, if the checkbox that says Warn me when closing multiple tabs is not selected, select it.

Figure 2

3) Click on OK to exit from the Options window.

Problem with the Extensions

The prompt does not occur because some of the installed themes or extensions (for e.g. Tab Mix plus) might be not functioning correctly. So, you have to disable the Extension or a theme that is causing this problem. To disable an extension or a theme, do the following.

1) On the Menu bar, click on Tools and then from the drop down list, click on Add-ons.

Figure 3

2) In the Add-ons window, thus opened, click on the Extensions panel that you find at the left side of the Add-ons window.

Figure 4

3) Now, from the displayed list of Extensions, select the extension that is causing the problem and click on Disable.

Problem with corrupted files within the profile folder

All the user information will be stored in a separate profile folder by the Firefox browser. Some of the files within this profile folder may be corrupted and hence you may not receive the prompt. To open your profile folder, do the following.

On the Menu bar, click on Help and then from the drop down list, click on Troubleshooting Information.

Figure 5

2) Now, in the Troubleshooting Information window, under Application Basics, click on Open Containing Folder. This will open up the user’s Profile folder.

Figure 6

3) Inside the Profile folder, Rename the following files

a. Rename the file that says formhistory.sqlite to formhistory.sqlite.bak
b. Rename the file that says sessionstore.js to sessionstore.js.bak

Figure 7

Note: - to restore the older versions of the files that you have modified, just remove .bak from each of the files and delete the newer versions that modified the older files.

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