Steps to add or remove windows 7 file type


In this tutorial we deal with the index which helps in fast operation of computer and it will guide user to add and remove the file extension of windows 7 and it is strictly for the folder location.

User will be having file type of one of the option which is given below.

File contents and index property- This contains the contents of file property itself such as .txt file, notepad and some of the related files.

Index property- Here the file will be included in the index and it can be viewed by right clicking on file and properties.

User has to follow the below steps

In the first step user has to open control panel option in start menu.


Here user has to double click on the Indexing options.


In the next step user has to click on the Advanced button.


User has to click on yes if it is prompted by UAC.

Here user has to select File Types tab.


Steps to add file type to index

Here user has to check the box which has list file for extension which he is willing to add.

User has to select the file which has to be indexed using the property index.

Steps to remove file type from index

Here user has to select the box which has to be unchecked and has to list the file extension which he is willing to remove.

Ok option has to be clicked.