Clear Browsing Data in Google Chrome

The following tutorial will guide you on how to clear the Browsing data in Google Chrome web browser.

Browsing Data contains all the information regarding the pages you visit while you are browsing, the search history, the Cookies, the Downloads history, Cache, Usernames and passwords. In Google chrome browser, you can clear the Browsing data depending upon the Time range i.e., you can clear the browsing data pertaining to the last hour of browsing you did, browsing data for the last day, last week, last 4 weeks or else clear all Browsing data.

To clear Browsing data, do the following

1) On the Toolbar of your browser, click on the Wrench icon and then from the drop don menu, point your mouse over Tools and then select Clear browsing data.

2) In the Clear browsing data dialogue box thus opened, under Chrome data tab, you can select the items that you want to delete from your Browsing data. For example, if you want to clear Browsing History, Download history and cookies, then select all checkboxes pertaining to them and leave the rest of the checkboxes unselected.

3) Now, using the drop down arrow of Clear data from this period, you can select the time range over which you want to delete the Browsing date. For example, if you want to clear the browsing data for the last one week, then set the drop down menu to Last week.

4) If you want to clear all of your Browsing data, then select Everything from the drop down menu.

5) Once you have selected the items that you want to delete from your browsing data, click on Clear browsing data button.

This will clear all your Browsing data as specified.

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