How to view Browsing History in Google Chrome

The following tutorial will guide you on how to view Browsing History in Google Chrome web browser.

Browsing history contains all the information about the web pages that you visit while browsing the Internet.

To View Browsing History, do the following

1) On the Toolbar of your browser, click on the wrench icon and then from the drop down menu click on History.

2) Now, the browser will display your Browsing History page in a separate tab.

3) In the Browsing History page, you can select individual entries and delete them. To do so, click on Edit items that you find at the top right corner of your Browsing History page.

4) Now, the Browsing history page displays two tabs at the top namely, Remove selected items and Clear all Browsing data.

5) If you wish to delete only certain items from the history page, then select those items by selecting their check boxes and click on Remove Selected items. This will remove all selected items from your Browsing History page.

6) If you want to clear all of your Browsing data, then click on Clear all browsing data.

7) To complete the process of removing your Browsing data, click on Done Removing items.

So, this is how you can view your browsing History and manage it in the Google Chrome web browser.

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