Pop-up Blocker in Google Chrome

A Pop-up is a window that gets revealed automatically on your screens while browsing, without your permission. Pop-up windows vary in their size but generally they do not cover up your whole screen. They usually appear at the front of your browser window or at the back end of your browser. The windows which open at your Browserís background can be called as Pop-unders.

The following tutorial will guide you on how to manage and control pop-ups in Google Chrome web browser.

By default, the Google Chrome browser is configured to restrict the pop-up windows from appearing on your screen. If you still see a pop-up window appearing on your screen, then it indicates that you have disabled the pop-up blocker in your browser or else you are using some non-standard browser or Java script may be turned off.

To Enable or Disable Pop-up blocker, do the following

1) On the Toolbar of your browser, click on the Wrench icon and then from the drop down menu, click on Options.

2) In the Google Chrome Options window thus opened, select the Under the Hood panel.

3) Under the Under the Hood panel, click on Contents settings tab.

4) In the Contents settings window thus opened, select Pop-ups from the list of contents and then do any of the following

a. If you want to disable the Pop-up blocker, select the Radio button that says Allow all sites to show pop-ups.

b. If you want to enable the pop-up blocker, select the radio button that says Do not allow any site to show pop-ups.

5) If you want to allow pop-ups to appear on your screen from specific web sites, then click on the Exceptions tab. This will open up the Pop-up Exceptions window on your screens.

6) In the Pop-up Exceptions window, click on Add.

7) In the New Exception dialogue box thus opened, enter the web siteís address in the Pattern box from which you want to allow pop-ups to appear on your screens and then set the drop down menu of Action to Allow and click on OK.

8) Click on Close twice to exit from the Pop-up Exceptions window and Contents settings window respectively.

So, this is how you can Manage and control Pop-ups in Google Chrome web browser.

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