Proxy Server Settings in Google Chrome

The following tutorial will guide you on how to set up a proxy server for your LAN in Google Chrome web browser.

The Google Chrome Browser uses the same proxy connection and settings as that of the Windows. A change to these settings will affect Google Chrome and the same changes will be reflected by the Internet Explorer and other Windows programs.
To set up a proxy server or change your Network connections, do the following.

1) On the Toolbar of your browser, click on theWrench icon and then from the drop down menu, click on Options.

2) In the Google Chrome Options window thus opened, select Under the Hood panel.

3) Under the Under the Hood panel, in the Network category, click on Change Proxy settings tab.

4) In the Internet Properties window thus opened, under the Connections tab, click on the LAN settings button.

5) In the Local Are Network (LAN) settings window thus opened, under Proxy server category, select the checkbox that says Use a proxy sever for your LAN and enter your proxy settings specifics.

6) Click on OK to apply your proxy settings.

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