Disable of Automatic Restart option on windows 7 System Failure


In the tutorial we deal with the steps to disable the restart option when the system suddenly restart while running the particular program and here the BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) will solve the system problem and here the reboot will happen so that the user can view the error message which is displayed on screen.

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) is the error screen which will appear when the window is terminated due to the critical error such that the further damage of the system can be prevented.

Here by disabling of the automatic restart option user can prevent the further damage of the system.

The difficulty level is easy compared to the other procedure and its relatively easy task to perform.

The time requirement for the disabling of the windows 7 automatic restart option will be around ten minutes and less than that.

User has to follow the below steps to complete the procedure.

In the first step user has to click on start button and user has to select the option control panel.


System and Security link has to be clicked.


In the next step user has to click on the link system.


User has to click on the link Advanced System Settings which is at the left of the task pane.


Here startup and recovery option has to be located and user has to click on the settings button.


User has to locate and uncheck the check box which is at the Startup and Recovery window and user has to check the box which is next to Automatically restart.


In the next step ok option has to be clicked in the window Startup and Recovery.

Ok option has to be clicked in the window System Properties window.