How to enable memory dumps in windows 7


In this tutorial we will guide you how to analyze the cause of the computer software crash and we will show you how to enable the memory dumps.

Here by creating memory dumps you can know the extra details of the problem.

Some of the information which is available in the dump files are

• Some of the list of loaded drivers.

• The stop message and the parameter and also other data.

• The process information and small memory dump files for the process which is stopped.

The small memory dump is very useful provided the hard disk space is limited and because of the limited information which is included errors will not be directly caused by thread which will be running at the time of problem.

• Click on start menu.


• Type “view advanced system settings” in search box in start menu and hit enter.


• Click on advanced tab.


• Click settings under “startup and recovery” option.


• Select “small memory dump” under the option “write debugging information”.


• Click ok.


Now change the settings and close the window and you can view the small memory dumps which are enabled.