Ending unnecessary services in Windows 7

I suggest you to shut down any services that you are not using. Only users who are comfortable with their computers and Windows operating systems should perform this task. Shutting down the wrong services could affect your Windows session or cause things to stop working.

By going to the Services MMC (Microsoft Management Console), as shown in Figure 1, you can select which process you want to kill.

FIGURE 1: The Services MMC lets you end services that may be unnecessary.

The easiest way to access the Services MMC is to type services.msc in the Start Menuís Search box. After you authorize the access of this window by typing in the administrator password when prompted, Windows 7 displays the window.

The Services MMC allows you to set how services should perform for Windows 7 and your applications. You can probably shut down or disable a number of services to free up system resources.

To change the status of a service, simply double-click it click the Stop button in the Input Services Properties dialog box, as shown in Figure 2.

FIGURE 2: You can change a serviceís status to Stopped.

For instance, you can perhaps disable or shut down:

1) Tablet PC Input service (unless you are using Tablet PC)
2) Windows time
3) Secondary logon
4) Fax
5) Print spooler (if youíre not planning on printing)
6) Offline files
7) Routing and remote access

Look carefully through the list and if you decide that you wonít be using that service based on applications that it affects, then you may want to consider stopping it.