How to reset and clear the Print Spooler queue in windows 7


In this tutorial we will guide how to reset and clear the print spooler queue in windows 7.

Here the process will be very useful when the certain documents is struck in the print spooler and if it is not allowing the computer to go to sleep automatically to perform the procedure.

Here you have to make note that the print spooler can be made to use after resetting it below and here the printer driver which is installed may not be corrupted or compatible.

• Click on start menu.


• Type “services” in search box in start menu and hit enter.


• Right click on “Print spooler” and select “stop”.


• Type “windows explorer” in search box in start menu and hit enter.


• Navigate through the following address in the address bar in windows explorer.



• Click on continue if prompted by UAC.


• Here have to make sure that you have deleted all the files in printer’s folder till it is empty.

• Again you have to open services.

• Right click on “Print Spooler” and click on “Start”.