1. Click the button DOWNLOAD to download the file Sleep Shortcut.zip

2. Click SAVE to save the file Sleep Shortcut.zip to the desktop.

3. Now, right click the file Sleep Shortcut.zip. Click OPEN.

4. In UAC prompt, click ALLOW.

5. Choose and drag both Sleep shortcut and the folder Sleep Shortcut to desktop.

6. Open a window – Windows Explorer.

7. Navigate to C:\Program Files. Please note that the 64 Bit vista users who have C:\Program Files (x86) folder can’t perform this.

8. Now, right click the folder – Sleep Shortcut. Click CUT.

9. In the window – Windows Explorer, right click and then click PASTE. Please note that the Sleep Shortcut has Sleep.vbs script file inside.

a. For Destination Folder Access Denied prompt, click CONTINUE.

b. In UAC prompt, click CONTINUE.

10. Move the Sleep Shortcut to the place where you feel it easy to use.

11. Now, you can delete the file – Sleep Shortcut.zip