Multiple Activation Keys (MAKs)

MAKs work the same as the keys with Windows Server 2003 and XP volume license keys: You get a key that is entered on each computer. However, the difference is that a computer using a MAK still must be activated, unlike with XP/2003 volume license keys (VLKs). Each server contacts Microsoft and receives an activation code. If you have a lot of machines using MAK, you can install the Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT), which acts as a proxy for communication with the Microsoft activation servers and activates machines in batches via a single connection or phone call to Microsoft. The VAMT is useful for enabling an administrator to monitor the activations within the environment via the MAK key and can be downloaded from Microsoft—search for VAMT. When activated with a MAK, the client/server stays activated forever (or at least until a major hardware change, which requires reactivation).