How to Change Logon Screen Saver Timeout in Windows Vista?

When you logon to your system but do not select a user to start with, you will notice that after sometime the Screen Saver is activated. Here the default timeout is 10 minutes. You can change this wait time with the help of this tutorial.

You can change Logon Screen Saver wait time in the following way:

1) Open Registry Editor window

2) Navigate to the key

HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop in the left pane

Figure 1

3) Double click on the option ScreenSaveTimeOut in the left pane as highlighted in the above figure.

4) Now type the timeout or wait time in seconds in the Value data textbox

Figure 2

Click OK button

Now whenever you will logon again you can notice the changed Logon Screen Saver Timeout.