Creating Invitation Card Using Photoshop

Step 1.

From Start menu open Photoshop Width “500” Height “500” Mode “RGB” and Background “White”

Step 2.

create a new layer
Choose the “Rectangular Marquee Tool” and draw a rectangle.
Fill this selected area with a light color. I have used “#e7dfbb” here. Press Ctrl+D.

Figure 1

Step 3.

Create a new layer and fill the selection with gray color with opacity 51% I have used
“#cbcac3”. Now go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Set these settings Amount “10%” Distribution “Gaussian” and select “Monochromatic”, and press ok. Now go to layer palette change the mode Normal to “Overlay”.

Figure 2

Step 4.

Create a new layer from the layer palette and go to Filter=> Render=>Clouds.
Now again go to “Layer Mode” change “Normal” to “Color Burn” and reduce Opacity to “80%”.

Figure 3

Step 5.

This step is to distort the edges to give it a nice appearance
Select the “Layer 1” and then go to Filter=>Distort=>Wave, to bring up the Wave window.
Set the number of Generators to around 1. Set the Wavelength Min “10” Max “120” Amplitude Min 5 and Max “35” keep selected the “Sine” and click the “Randomize” couple of times until you get proper edges.

Figure 4

Repeat this same step for all the layers.

Step 6.

Now Double click on the “Layer 1” a Layer Style menu will appear and select “Drop Shadow”.

Figure 5

Step 7.

Now select “Layer 1” and Create a new layer from the layer palette option make thin selection with the help of “Rectangular Marquee Tool” and Fill the selection with color code #8f3204.
Now go to Filter=>Distort=>Twirl.

Figure 6

Figure 7

Now right click on this layer and select “Duplicate Layer”
Now go to Edit=> Transform=>Flip Horizontal.
With the help of move tool bring it down near bottom of the card.

Figure 8

Go ahead add your own text and your invitation card is ready.

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