How to Delete and Extend a Partition in Windows Vista?

If you will a Delete partition in Windows Vista then that partition becomes and unallocated space. This unallocated space can be used to Extend or increase the size of an already existing partition.


Up to 4 Primary Partitions or 3 Primary Partitions and 1 Extended Partition can be carved out of a hard disk. The partition you want to Extend must be at the immediate right position of the unallocated or deleted partition.

All data on the partition you want to delete will be lost so keep a backup of that data first.

Computer Window before deletion of a partition:

Figure 1

Computer Window after deletion and extension of a partition:

Figure 2

To Delete a Partition in Windows Vista, follow these steps:

1) Open Control Panel (Classic View) and double click the Administrative Tools icon

Figure 3

2) Now double click the option Computer Management

Figure 4

3) In the Computer Management window click on the Disk Management option under Storage option in the left pane as highlighted below

Figure 5

4) Right click on the desired partition and choose Delete Volume option as shown above

5) Click Yes button to confirm.

Figure 6

6) Wait for a few seconds or minutes and you will notice an unallocated partition is formed in the Computer Management window

Figure 7

To Extend a Partition in Windows Vista, follow these steps:

1) Right click on the Partition to be extended and choose Extend Volume option in the Computer Management window

Figure 8

2) Click Next button in the Extend Volume wizard

Figure 9

3) Type the size in MB and click Next button

Figure 10

4) Finally click Finish button

Figure 11

5) You can now see the extended disk partition in the Computer Management console

Figure 12

6) Open Windows Explorer by clicking on the Computer icon on the Desktop and you can see the extended partition.

Figure 13