How to setup and configure Microphone in Windows Vista?

Microphone can be used for recording voice, giving voice commands and for speech recognition purpose. This tutorial will guide you in setting up and configuring your microphone.

You can setup and configure Microphone in the following manner:

1) First plug in the microphone to your PC.

2) Open Control Panel (Classic View) and double click the Sound icon

Figure 1

3) In the Sound widow click on the Recording tab and you will notice a small tick over the round green background depicting that your microphone is working

Figure 2

4) To test the microphone simply speak something into it or hit it with the finger and you will notice the green lines filling the empty lines

Figure 3

Note: If you cannot view your microphone then right click anywhere under the Recording tab and click to check the Show Disabled Devices option

Figure 4

5) Now you can configure it by selecting it and clicking the Properties button

Figure 5

6) In the Microphone Properties window you can now change its icon by clicking the Change Icon button under the General tab

Figure 6

7) Now select the Levels tab to set up the voice level you hear when you speak through it

Figure 7

8) Under Advanced tab you can select the quality of the sound from the microphone and set Exclusive Mode settings

Figure 8

Click OK button