How to fix Your User Profile was not loaded correctly! You have been logged on with a Temporary Profile problem in Windows Vista?

You may encounter this problem while logging to your system. This occurs when your profile is deleted accidentally or got corrupted via some malicious software or virus outbreak or some hard disk issues.

Note: You may get the error User Profile Service Failed to Logon. User profile cannot be loaded. To know how to fix this problem, click the link Fix "User Profile Service Failed to Logon" problem in Windows Vista.

You can fix this problem in the following way:

1) Log on to your system via another Administrator account and proceed to step 3

Note: If you do not have a separate Administrator account then proceed to step 2

2) Boot to safe mode

Note: If you cannot boot to safe mode then Enable Built in Administrator account and log off and then log on with the built in Administrator account.

3) Delete the user account having the problem

Note: To know how to delete a user account click the link Delete user Account

4) Open Registry Editor and navigate to the branch

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ ProfileList in the left pane

5) Click the SID (security identifier) key having name of type S-1-5-21-296…(longer key number) and having an extension .bak as highlighted in the figure below

Figure 1

6) Now check out the value of ProfileImagePath in the right pane. It must be same as that of the account that you deleted in step 3

7) Now backup this SID key by right clicking it and choosing Export option. Save it to desired safe place on the hard disk so that you may Restore this .reg key in future if there is a problem.

Figure 2

8) Right click the SID key and choose Delete option

Figure 3

9) Click Yes button to confirm

Figure 4

10) Close Registry Editor

11) Now log off and then log on to your system.

Note: After logging to your system the user account profile that you deleted, its profile folder is recreated. If it is not recreated then Perform System Restore for the date earlier than you were having problem. If still the problem is not solved then you have to create a new user account and restore the user folder files.