How to Lock the Windows Media Player Full Screen Mode in Windows Vista?

If you are running some media through Window Media Player and are switched to full screen mode (Alt+Enter) and do not want other person to mess up your system while you are out of sight then you can very well lock the full screen mode and the other user can’t do anything except watching the media.

To accomplish this follow these steps:

1) Open Windows Media Player and play any desired video and switch to full screen mode (Alt+Enter).

2) Now you will notice an open lock symbol at the extreme bottom right of the screen.

Figure 1

3) Now click that lock symbol and you will be asked to set a four digit PIN. Type the desired PIN and click the green checkmark

Figure 2

4) You will now notice that the open lock symbol is changed to closed lock symbol.

Figure 3

5) To reopen the lock, simply click the locked symbol and type the PIN and then click the green checkmark.

Figure 4

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