How to Enable or Disable Third-Party Browser Extensions in Internet Explorer in Windows Vista?

Third-Party Browser extensions aim at enhancing your browsing experience. They are the plug-ins and include Google or Yahoo toolbar which provide you with features like pop-up blocker, form auto-fill, search and so on.

Figure 1

If you think that third-party browser extensions are annoying you and overcrowding your browser then you very well disable them.

You can accomplish this in the following way:

Open Internet Explorer and click on the Tools menu and then select Internet Options

Figure 2

2) Now select the Advanced tab and navigate to the option Enable third-party browser extensions under Browsing section

Figure 3

Check this option to enable third-party browser extensions


Uncheck this option to disable third-party browser extensions

4) Click Apply and then OK button

5) Close and reopen Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect

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