How to create a list of files in a folder on your hard disk using Command Prompt easily in Windows Vista?

If there are a lot of files in a folder and you want to make a list of those files easily then you can do it using a command in the Command Prompt. This command creates the list of the files in a folder and saves it in a text file.

You can accomplish this in the following way:

1) Open Command Prompt and navigate to the folder of which you want to make the list of files contained in it.

2) Now type DIR><destination_drive>:\<text_file_name>.TXT and press Enter key

Note: Here <destination_drive> is the drive (C:, D:, E:, .) where the list of file will be saved in a text file and saved <text_file_name> is the name of the text file that will contain the list of files.

Figure 1

3) Now go to the <destination_drive> and open the <text_file_name>.TXT file to view the list of files.

Figure 2

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