How to change Horizontal or Vertical Icon Spacing on Desktop in Windows 7?

This tutorial will help you in changing the space between icons on the Desktop. You can determine and set the horizontal and vertical space between icons with the help of this tutorial.

Default icons spacing:

Figure 1

Customized icons spacing:

Figure 2

To change icon spacing follow these steps:

1) Right click on the Desktop and select Personalize option

Figure 3

Click the link Window color at the bottom of the Personalization window

Figure 4

3) Click Advanced appearance settings link

Figure 5

4) Now select Icon Spacing (Vertical) from the dropdown list and set the vertical space by typing the desired value in the Size textbox.

Figure 6

5) Here you can experiment with various values.

Figure 7

6) Perform the above steps 4 and 5 with Icon Spacing (Horizontal) too.

7) Click OK button

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