How to Restore a Hidden Update in Windows 7?

By hiding an update we mean that the users will not be able to select that update to install it. They will be able to see the available update but will not be able to install it.

To hide an update, follow these steps:

1) Open Control Panel (All Items View) and click the link Windows Update

Figure 1

2) If the automatic updates checking is disabled then you will first need to check for the available updates. For this click the link Check for updates in the left pane

3) After the updates are checked you will see the following screen showing you the important as well as optional updates.

Figure 2

4) Click on the specific link whether you want to hide an important or optional update as per your convenience

5) Now right click on the desired update and select Hide update option

Figure 3

6) The update will be hidden and the checkbox will be greyed out so that the users will not be able to select it and install it.

Figure 4

To show a hidden an update, follow these steps:

1) Follow the steps 1 to 3 in the above section

2) Now click the link Restore hidden update

Figure 5

3) Check the desired update and click Restore button

Figure 6

4) The update will be restored and shown

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