Adding A Footnote or An Endnote In Word Document

Word takes care of sequentially numbering footnotes and endnotes for you as you add them. If you remove a footnote or an endnote, Word renumbers the remaining footnotes and endnotes accordingly. When you hover your mouse pointer over a footnote or endnote number, Word pops up the text that goes with that footnote or endnote so that you don’t have to keep jumping to the bottom of the page or to the end of your document to see what the number represents.

Determine the Location
Click inside your document where you want a footnote or an endnote placeholder to go. The placeholder will become a sequential number (or some other text that you will specify) attached to the footnote or endnote. For your first footnote, the number will be 1, and the footnote numbered 1 will always apply to that placeholder. An endnote placeholder numbered 21 will refer to an endnote with the same number. Again, these numbers update automatically if you insert or remove footnotes and endnotes from among others.

Request a Footnote
Display your References ribbon and click to display the Insert Footnote button. Word instantly jumps to the end of your page and adds a number to indicate the footnote number.

Type the Footnote Text
Type your footnote text to the right of the footnote’s number.

Insert Another Footnote
After you finish typing your footnote’s text, scroll back up to your text and click to locate the next place you want to insert a footnote. When you click the Insert Footnote button, Word again takes you to the bottom of the page, automatically numbers the new footnote, and places your text cursor so that you can type the footnote text.

Insert an Endnote
Inserting endnotes is virtually identical to inserting footnotes. Click to locate the place where you want to insert the endnote, display your References ribbon, and click Insert Endnote. Word jumps to the bottom of your document, inserts an endnote number, and places the text cursor next to it so that you can type the text of the endnote.

When you finish typing the endnote, scroll back up to the place in your document where you had inserted the endnote and continue editing.

Convert a Footnote to an Endnote
Right-click over any footnote and select Convert to Endnote to request that Word move the footnote to the end of your document and renumber all footnote and endnotes and their references accordingly.