Using the Shape Styles Gallery in Excel 2007:-

The Shape Styles gallery contains 36 built-in styles that can be applied to any shape. There are really six styles for each of the six accent colors in the current theme. The six styles progress from simple on the first row of the gallery to extreme on the last row of the gallery.

To quickly format a particular element, you click that element and choose a new style from the gallery. When using the Shape Styles gallery, keep these tips in mind:

1. The colors and effects available in the gallery change if you select a new theme from the Page Layout ribbon.

2. The first time you click a column, you select the entire series. A second click selects only one column or data point.

3. If you find it difficult to select a particular item on a chart, you can select the item from the Current Selection drop-down at the left edge of the Format ribbon.

4. Live Preview works in this gallery. Although you see the effect after hovering over a tile in the gallery, you actually have to click the tile to apply the style.

Figure (given below) shows the Shape Styles gallery and six charts that represent the six styles available when the Office theme is active.

(The Shape Styles gallery offers six effects for each of six accent colors.)