How to customize AutoComplete settings of Internet Explorer in Windows 7

The storage of web addresses, form data, and passwords in internet explorer can be controlled using the "AutoComplete Settings". When user types a web address in the address bar, the matching entries regarding the typed letters or word are listed on the basis of stored data. User can select from the listed entries in internet explorer, the one which is most appropiate. While filling the form fields too, internet explorer provides possible matches from which a user can select the preferred one of his choice, if the actual one exists. In case of passwords, internet explorer remembers the password if you opt for it. When the next time you login to a site internet explorer can use the stored password to authenticate you again or provide the password for you after entering the username. You can customize the settings of "AutoComplete" feature as to include or exclude the options provided in it by checking the respective checkboxes in the settings. You can follow the below mentioned steps to learn customization of "AutoComplete settings" in internet explorer.

Steps to customize "AutoComplete Settings" of internet explorer: -

1. Click on Start Orb, and type “internet explorer” in the search space provided. Click on "Internet Explorer" link.

Image 1

2. As soon as the browser window opens click on the "Tools" menu option from the internet explorer's menu bar. Then click on “Internet Options” option. This will open “Internet Options” dialog box.

Image 2

3. Click on “Content” tab in the “Internet Options” dialog box and then click on “Select” button located below the section labelled as “AutoComplete”. This will open “AutoComplete Settings” dialog box.

Image 3

4. Click to check or uncheck the checkboxes located below the section labelled “Use AutoComplete for” to include or exclude the auto complete settings as per your requirement, respectively. Click on OK button to close the “AutoComplete Settings” dialog box.

Image 4

5. Click on OK button of the "Internet Options" dialog box to close it.

Image 5

Now you know how to customize AutoComplete settings of Internet Explorer in Windows 7.

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