How to preserve fidelity while sharing a document in Word 2007

Normally when you share a word document, the specification of the word document gets changed according to the configuration defined in the document reader of the sharing party. This means that there is a possibility for the sharing party to see the document with their own set of settings. However, if you want to show the same fonts and settings you have used while working on the document, you can use the option to preserve fidelity. Follow the steps given below to preserving and customizing fidelity settings for a document.

Steps to preserve fidelity while sharing a document: -

1. Click on the Microsoft Office button, to open the sub-options of microsoft office button. Then press “Word Options” button from the sub-options to open the “Word Options” dialog box by clicking over the button.

Image 1

2. Click on Save tab in the left pane of “Word Options” dialog box and then find “Preserve fidelity while sharing a document” section in the right pane. Click on down arrow mark of the selection box for “Preserve fidelity while sharing a document” to select the document for which you want fidelity to be preserved.

Image 2

3. Click to check the checkbox “Embed fonts in the file” to enable preservation of fidelity on the selected document. You will find two more checkboxes located below the “Embed fonts in the file” checkbox. Therefore, to customize the settings for fidelity preservation you can check or uncheck the checkboxes. If you want to embed only the character that you have used in the document, you can click to check the Checkbox: “Embed only the characters used in the document (best for reducing file size)”, else you can leave it clear. If you don’t want to use the common system fonts to be embedded you can check the checkbox: “Do not embed common system fonts” else you can leave it cleared.

Image 3

4. Click on OK button of the “Word Options” dialog box to close it.

Image 4

After following the above-mentioned steps, you will surely be able implement preservation of fidelity while sharing a file in Word 2007.

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