How to customize field shading setting in Word 2010

'Field shading' feature allows a user to differentiate the text in the word document with the field they have inserted. This is basically done by highlighting the field with grey colour. There are three settings provided by Word 2010, for this feature mentioned below.

1. Never: - This type when selected as a setting for field shading shades nothing in the field area. Only the braces (middle brackets) will be bolded.

2. Always: - This type when selected as a setting for filed shading shades the full field area by greying it out.

3. When selected: - This type when selected as a setting for field shading shades the field area when you put insertion pointer in the field area for formatting purpose.

Users can customize setting for field shading as per needs. Go through some of the steps mentioned below, which will help you learn how you can turn on or off, show field codes instead of their values option in word document.

Steps to customize setting for field shading: -

1. Click on the "Microsoft Office" button and then search for the "Word" tab. You will find it as the last options for "Microsoft Office" button's sub-options. Now follow any one of the step a) or step b), given below to invoke the "Word Options" dialog box.

a) Now proceed further by clicking the "Options" button, below the "Word" tab.

Image 1


Now click on the tab entitled as "Word" and click on it. Search for the tab entitled as "Options" in the right side of the "Word" tab. You will find the "Options" tab, below the section "Microsoft Tools"

Image 2

Now as the "Word Options" dialog box is open, click on the "Advanced" tab in the left pane of the "Word Options" dialog box. Then look for an option "Field shading:" and its selection box, under the "Show document content" section. Click the down arrow mark of the selection box and click on the type of setting you want for field shading option, this will customize the field shading setting in a word document.

Image 3

At last close the dialog box for "Word Options" by clicking the "OK" button located in its bottom part.

Image 4

Now you are familiar with the idea of customizing field setting for a word document in Word 2010.

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