Creating the Frequency Distribution Chart in Excel 2007:-

In the Figure (given below), the formulas in H3;H9 concatenate the bins so that they make more sense. The formula =E2&”-”&E3 concatenates the bin in the previous row, a dash, and the bin in the current row. The formulas in column I simply copy the results from the current row of the array formula in F.

(You can use formulas to build a table that makes more sense than the previous results.)

To create the Frequency Distribution chart, you follow these steps.

Select cells H3;I9.

2. From the Insert ribbon, choose Column, 2-D, Clustered Column.

3. From the Layout ribbon, choose Legend, None.

4. Normally, there is a fair-sized gap between the columns. If you prefer that the columns touch each other, or even that there be less of a gap, you can change the gap width by right-clicking a column, choosing Format Data Series, and then dragging the Gap Width slider to 0%.

5. Resize the chart so that it is narrower.