How to change list level for a multilevel list in Word 2010

Word 2010 application is the latest version of the text editor being developed by the Office developers. Many of the basic features mentioned in the prior Microsoft Word text editors are included in the latest version too. More importantly new various new features are also included in Word 2010. The options are categorized systematically to provide an easy access to each of them. One option for changing list levels for a multilevel list is included in Word 2010 under the Paragraph section. You can locate the paragraph section in Home tab of the “Word 2010” ribbon. Changing the list level of the selected text will change the order of appearance of the selected item in the multilevel list. The action will be applied on the selected item in the multilevel list only. Follow the steps for accomplishing the process of changing list level for a multilevel list in Word 2010.

Steps to change list level for a multilevel list in Word 2010: -

1. Select the item from the list for which you want change the list level and then click on “Home” tab of the “Word 2010” ribbon to invoke the sub-options mentioned in it. The option will be displayed in the “Word 2010” ribbon itself.

Image 1

2. Locate the button for implementing “Multilevel List” and then click on down arrow mark in that button which will invoke the related option in a drop down selection list format. Now select the option “Change List Level” from the drop down list by clicking on it, which will further invoke the level selection box. Click on a level that you would like to use for the selected item in the multilevel list.

Image 2

3. You will notice that the level of the selected item from the multilevel list is now changed to one that you have opted for.

Image 3

After all the steps are traced successfully, now you know how the list levels of a multilevel list are changed in Word 2010.

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