In MS Excel, there was a feature wherein you can fill an entire column or row with a series of consecutive values. You can do the same thing in the Google Document Spreadsheet also. Below you can find the procedure for how you achieve this.

1) Open a Google Spreadsheet Document and fill in some numbers say 1, 2, 3 in consecutive cells either in a row or in a column. See the Snapshot below for details.

Figure 1

2) Then, you place your mouse on the dot that is at the corner of the cell and once the pointer changes its orientation, just drag it downwards until where you want and just leave the mouse. You can see that the cells are filled with a series of consecutive values. See the Snapshots below for details.

Figure 2

Figure 3

3) You can also fill the cells with a series of even numbers or with the days of the week or the months of a year. See the snapshots below for details.

Figure 4

Figure 5

4) You will be able to fill any information into the spreadsheet that is powered with the Google Sets and by holding the Control key you can always force spreadsheets to use Google sets to get the information. For example, if you type Toyota, Ford, Honda and drag the pointer down holding the Ctrl key, you will get a list of Car Manufacturing companies. See the Snapshot below for details.

Figure 6

So, this is how you can use the Google Spreadsheet to fill a series of consecutive values with the help of Google Sets. But, one disadvantage of the Google Spreadsheet is there are no any advanced features present in it like the MS Excel.