Inserting and Deleting Worksheets in MS Excel 2010

You can Insert and Delete worksheets in Excel applications very easily. Follow these simple steps to achieve the above said task.

Firstly we will look at how to insert a Worksheet in the existing Workbook.

1) Open the Excel Application; Right click on any one of the Sheet Label Tabs at the Bottom left corner of the workbook. Then select ‘Insert’ Option from the list. See Figure 1 for details.

Figure 1

2) Now an ‘Insert’ window appears on the screen. In this window click on the ‘Worksheet’ icon and then click ‘OK”. See figure 2 for details.

Figure 2

3) Now you can observe that a new worksheet has been inserted into the existing workbook. See Figure 3 for details.

Figure 3

4) Another easy way to insert a new worksheet is to click on the icon that is present on the Sheet labels title bar. See Figure 4 for details.

Figure 4

5) One more easy way to insert a Worksheet is to just use (Shift+f11 keys).

Now we will look at how to delete a Worksheet from the existing workbook.

6) Right click on the Sheet label tab which you want to delete and then click on ‘Delete Sheet’ Option. See Figure 5 for details.

Figure 5

7) Now you can observe that the Worksheet that you specified has been deleted. See Figure 6 for details

Figure 6

So, these are the ways how you can insert and delete a Worksheet from an existing Workbook.

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