Insert Header and Footer in MS PowerPoint 2010 Slides

You can insert Header and Footer in PowerPoint Slides as you did in Word and Excel Documents. Follow these simple and easy steps to achieve the above said task.

Note: - once you have finished inserting Header and footer into every slide, the Header and Footer will only show up in the Printed version of slides and not in a Slide show.

1) Open the PowerPoint Slide into which you have to insert the Header and the footer; then click on the “Insert tab’ under the Ribbon and then under the Insert Tab, in the ‘Text’ category, click on the ‘Header & footer’ icon. See figure 1 for details.

Figure 1

2) Once you click on the Header and Footer icon, a new window called “Header and Footer” appears on the Screen with two Tabs in it namely the ‘Slide tab’ and the ‘Notes and Handouts tab’. See Figure 2 for details.

Figure 2

3) Now to insert the Header and the Footer, click on the ‘Notes and Handouts’ tab and then check the boxes that says ‘Header’ and ‘Footer’. Once you check each box, you can enter the Text for the Header and Footer in the space provided below the check boxes. See Figure 3 for details.

Figure 3

4) If you want to add these Header and Footer to all the Slides, then click on ‘Apply to All’ tab in the “Header and Footer’ window. See Figure 4 for details.

Figure 4

5) Now if you print all the Slides, you can observe that the Header and the Footer that you specified will be inserted into every printed version of the slide.

So, this is how you insert Header and Footer in MS PowerPoint Slides.

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