Inserting an Embedded object in MS PowerPoint 2010

While giving a PowerPoint presentation, you may come across a situation where you need to give full fledged information about an object or a point present in the PowerPoint Slide. In these situations, you cannot add all the information about the object into the PowerPoint slide as it makes the slide look very clumsy. Instead, you can have the full fledged information in any of the Word document or the Excel document and then insert these documents icons into the Slide. Follow these simple steps to achieve the above said task.

1) Open the PowerPoint Slide in which you have to insert an Embedded object; then click on the “Insert Tab” under the Ribbon and then under the Insert Tab, in the ‘Text’ category click on the ‘Object’ icon. See Figure 1 for details.

Figure 1

2) Now a new Window called “Insert Object” appears on the screen. In this window, if you want to create a new embedded object from the Slide itself, then click on the ‘Create new’ Radio button, check the box that says ‘Display icon’ and then select the type of object that you want to create from the window list. In our illustration we created a word Document. See Figure 2 for details.

Figure 2

3) Now if you observe your PowerPoint slide, a Word Document icon would be displayed on it, click on the icon to enter the information into the document. See Figure 3 for details.

Figure 3

4) In case if you want to add an embedded object that is already created, then click on the Radio button ‘Create from File’ and then browse for the object that you want to add and then check the boxes ‘Display as icon’ and ‘Link’. Finally click “OK”. See Figure 4 for details.

Figure 4

5) Now you can observe that the Embedded object’ icon has been inserted into the slide and if you want to see the information inside the Document, double click on the icon. See Figures 5 and 6 for details.

Figure 5

Figure 6

So, this is how you can insert an Embedded object in MS PowerPoint application

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