Adding an Address book in MS Outlook 2010

You can easily add an Address book to your Outlook account. The Address book contains all the information about each contact. So today we will see how to add an Address book in MS Outlook 2010 Application.

1) Click on the ‘File’ tab.

Figure 1

2) Then choose ‘Account settings’ icon and then click on ‘Account Settings’ option.

Figure 2

3) Now in the “Account Settings” window, click on “Address Books”.

Figure 3

4) Then click on ‘New’ tab.

Figure 4

5) Now in the “Add New Account’ window, select the radio button that says ‘Internet Directory Service’ and click on Next.

Figure 5

6) Now type your server name which your system administrator has provided you and then click on ‘More settings’ tab.

Figure 6

7) Then in the new window that appears, enter the name and the port number of the ISP for the new address book.

Figure 7

8) In the same window, click on the ‘Search’ tab and specify the search details accordingly.

Figure 8

9) Finally click on Finish button to create a new Address book.

Figure 9

NOTE: - this feature to take effect; you should restart your MS Outlook Application.

So, this is how you can create a new address book in MS Outlook Application.

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