Turn OFF or ON Automatic saving of unsent Messages in MS Outlook 2010

In the Outlook application, the messages which fail to be delivered to a recipient/recipients will be saved in the ‘Drafts’ folder of your Outlook Account. The Drafts folder can be found in the navigation pane of the Outlook application. In this article we tell you how to switch OFF this feature of saving unsent messages in the Outlook.

1) Click the ‘file’ tab and then on ‘Options’ tab.

Figure 1

2) In ‘Outlook Options’ window, select the ‘Mail’ tab and then scroll your mouse a little to find the ‘Save Messages’ category. In this category, clear the checkbox that says ‘Automatically save messages that have not been sent for this many minutes’.

Figure 2

3) Once you are done with clearing the above said checkbox, the unsent messages will not be saved in the ‘Drafts’ mail folder.

4) You can also have the Outlook Application save the unsent messages in some other folder other than the Drafts folder. To do this, under the ‘Save messages’ category, use the drop down arrow of the ‘Save to This Folder’ heading and then select the folder that you wish to have the unsent messages be saved. But, before choosing other folder, make sure that the above mentioned checkbox in step 2 is selected.

Figurre 3

So, this is how you can make the Outlook 2010 Application Turn OFF the automatic saving of Unsent Messages.

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