How to Repair your Outlook E-mail account in MS Outlook 2010

If you are facing some minor issues with your Outlook account, then you can go for repairing your e-mail account. By repairing your E-mail account, the Outlook data files of your account will not be altered and no data will be lost. To repair your Outlook account, do the following.

1) Click on ‘File’ tab.

Figure 1

2) Then click on the ‘Account Settings’ icon’s drop down arrow to choose the ‘Account settings’ option from the drop down list.

Figure 2

3) Now in the ‘Account settings’ window thus opened, select the E-mail tab and then choose the e-mail account which you want to repair it and then click on the ‘Repair’ button.

Figure 3

4) Now in the ‘Repair Account’ window thus opened. Click on the ‘Next’ tab.

Figure 4

5) Now a Status window will be displayed on the screen showing you the Repair status of the Outlook account.

Figure 5

6) Once the Repair operation is done, you will get a success message. Finally click on the ‘Finish’ button.

Figure 6

So, this is how you can Repair an E-mail account in the Outlook Application. This becomes very helpful when you are finding some minor troubles in sending and Receiving mails in your E-mail account.

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